We specialise in functions including weddings, birthday’s and special occasions.

Should you have any special dietary requirements or requests please feel free to contact our executive chef Shane Sauvage who will attend to your individual needs.

Overberg Celebration



Fresh garden salad with olive ,Danish feta & roasted cashew nuts .Smoked springbok Carpaccio dressed with a balsamic cream, interlaced with fresh strawberries,basil& pine nuts.

Fresh black mussels in a Provencal sauce.

Chicken livers in a delicious Madagascan peppercorn ,vintage port cream sauce .

Trio of Mediterranean dips(Mango pickle dip,Tatziki,Humus)served with an accompaniment of freshly baked breads.

Starters to be served in a banquet style down the center of the table for the guests to share .This creates a fantastic vibe amongst people and is a very festive way of eating


Apricot Mampoer Sorbet

Main course

Fresh line fish topped with a slice of red onion and tomato the oven baked in butter until the flavors permeate through the fish. Absolutely delicious served with fresh cream basil rice .


Tender Slices slices of beef pan fried with button mushrooms , garlic ,fresh basil & black pepper. Then doused with vintage port and bound with cream wrapped in phyllo pastry with cheese and baked till golden brown.


A delicious cheese steak grilled and topped with a sundried tomato , cashew nut , chilli ,white wine sauce.(specially for vegetarians )


Tender slices of chicken breast panfried in butter with black pepper till golden the doused with white wine.Bound with cream ,flavoured with oreagano & lemon ,dusted with feta cheese & roasted almonds.

All main courses are served fresh seasonal vegetables eg: Sweet rosemary glazed carrots &beans in an olive oil garlic .



Trio of chocolate terrine served with vanilla cream & sugar work