Cape Fusion

After for filling a life long dream and moving to the Cape. South Africa’s fusion father is back with an ocean inspired all new take on South African regional ingredients & flavours.Sauvage applies his unique style of culinary wizardry to conjure up a series of exciting new fusion recipes fresh out of chef Shane’s 20 year strong cultural melting pot ‘LaPentola’.Combinations to tempt the pallette and fill your table with a feast of innovative & delicious cuisine made easy for the home cook .”Cape Fusion” is a sensory journey amplified by world class step by step food photography and wild life photography capturing the natural beauty of the surounding landscape.A unique feature of this recipe book raises it a notch above the rest is the interactive food & wine pairing chapter.Here with the use of videography & QR coding you can experience first hand interaction between chef Shane & multi award winning wine maker Johann Fourie. All created to further your understanding of ‘Terrior’, cultivars , regionality & how they influence the pairing process .Three decades of dedication to his passion and a fresh adventurous lust for life are the base ingredients that make this book. A must for every kitchen where creativity knows no boundaries and the celebration of life rules supreme.