Shane Sauvage Video Archive

Lindt Chocolate Torte with KWV Tawny in Hermanus with La Pentola chef

Velvet Duck on Beef with KWV Triptych at La Pentola Restaurant Hermanus

Langbaai Strawberry Cocktail with KWV Muscadel at La Pentola Restaurant in Hermanus

Warm Oyster Salad with KWV Cathedral Cellars MCC at La Pentola Hermanus

Terroir - KWV wine maker Johann Fourie & Chef Shane Sauvage talk wine

Banting Beef with Ratatouille & KWV Roodeberg at La Pentola Hermanus

Banana Smoked Kabeljou with KWV Pinotage at La Pentola Restaurant in Hermanus

Tropical Cajun Calamari & KWV Cathedral Cellar Sauvignon Blanc in Walker Bay

Billabong Salad & KWV, The Mentors Sauvignon Blanc Semillon at La Pentola Hermanus

Orchestra Fillet with KWV, The Mentors Orchestra at La Pentola Restaurant in Hermanus